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Pop the question! Proposal ideas

Guys, have you bought the proposal ring and are wondering how to pop the question to your lady? Here are some proposal ideas you can consider!

First things first. Consider the following before you propose.

Propose when it's a good time! Both of you should have talked about the future and you must be confident that she is ready to plan for the future with you. Pick a good time when she's feeling relaxed and happy to increase your chances of success.

Do you want this special moment to be done in private or public? You need to be able to be at ease to propose properly. Consider her preference too. You should know her best. Pick a place where both of you would be comfortable to be at. :)

For the adventurous

Go for an adventure ride and ask friends to help you out! Flash proposal cards when there's a photo corner! Go with her to view the photos at the photo booth and give her a surprise.
Note : Please make sure it's safe to attempt this. Not for the faint-hearted!

Picture source from The Knot

Go for a mountain climbing adventure and view the sunrise or sunset together. When the breathtaking view of the sun is in sight, its time to go down on one knee and present the ring!

Picture source from Wikipedia

For the romantic

Bring her to view a fireworks display. When the display is in progress, take out your ring and propose beneath the beautiful fireworks. This would surely be an unforgettable moment. Who can refuse the allure of fireworks and a shiny gem? ;)

Picture source from All Spark Fireworks

Go to the place where you first met or went for your first date. It can also be a place which holds significant memories for both of you. Proposing there would make the place even more memorable in future.

Picture source from Chic Factor

Special Occasions

Special occasions such as her birthday, your dating anniversary, festivals and holidays (Valentine's Day , Christmas, New Year's Eve) are popular choices for proposals. Such occasions create a mood for love and the setting might be just right for your plans.

Overseas Trip

Pop the question when you are overseas on holiday. Both of you will surely be in a happy mood if you are travelling on a holiday, pick an iconic place or unique attraction to propose. Propose on a hot-air balloon, underwater sea walk or in front of a castle.

Picture source from Fantasy Fliers

Be creative and try to create an element of surprise in your plan. A proposal need not be an over the top and extravagant affair, it is the heart that counts. Even if you are unable to come up with something perfect and romantic, make her happy and show her that you are serious about it and have put in a lot of effort. Remember that you are asking the lady to spend the rest of her life with you!

If things are not able to go the way as planned, don't fret! Just be genuine and sincere and if she can feel your love and how much you want to marry her, we are sure she will be touched and accept your proposal. If need be, make up for it by going for a nice treat afterwards. Be brave and pop the question!

Do share with us your success stories or proposal ideas at woyaojiehunle@gmail.com! We are sure our readers will be keen to know how you won her over. :)


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