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Hilton Hotel

My comments after attending a wedding dinner at Hilton hotel.

The stage is beautiful. Overall, the feeling is quite nice.

The nearest MRT is Orchard but your guests would need to walk a distance before they can get to the hotel.

The ballroom is quite spacious but the MAIN big problem is that there are some huge pillars.
Two big projectors make up for the blockages. If there are too many tables, guests would not be able to view the march-in and stage without straining their necks. Live feed is definitely a must if you want all your guests to be able to see what is happening.

Its quite cold so please forewarn your guests if possible. =)

Reception Area
The escalator leads directly to the ballroom which ensures that guests would be able to find the ballroom easily. But its quite dangerous especially when everyone crowds around the main area of the ballroom as they prevent people on the escalator from entering the reception area. Its best to divert your guests to another area to prevent any accidents.

Food is generally ok. Quantity is enough but serving time can be quite slow.