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ROM Preparation Checklist

Here's a checklist in preparation for your ROM. A ROM is as equally important as your customary wedding because you will exchange vows with each other and be legally married!

The following are a basic list of things you have to prepare before your ROM.

1. Pick a date and E-file at ROM's website.
Please note that the solemnisation can only take place after 21 days of E-file and within 3 months of E-file.

Read Guide for Solemnization

2. Solemnizer / Justice of Peace (JP).
You have to choose a Solemnizer for your ROM only if you are holding it outside of ROM grounds.

3. 2 Witnesses.
Anyone above the age of 21 years old can be the witnesses for your wedding.

4. Attire.
For the Groom

For the Bride
Accessories ( Earrings, Necklaces etc. Prepare your own in case the make up artist's accessories are not suitable )

Before you sign up for your Bridal package, ask the Bridal Studio to throw in a Coat and Dress for your ROM. If you have a bridal package already, negotiate with the Bridal Studio to provide the attire for you at a nominal top up fee.

5. Makeup and Nails
Source for a Makeup Artist to do your makeup and hair.

Check with your Bridal Studio to provide the following services if possible. This will be a cbeck on the skills of your Makeup Artist and can be considered as part of the Trial Makeup in the Bridal package.

Manicure and Pedicure
The photographer will be zooming in on your hands when you exchange rings so please make sure that your hands and nails are at their most presentable!

6. Bouquet of Flowers.
Choose a bouquet of flowers that will go along with your dress.

7. Wedding Bands and Ring Pillow
Source for your wedding bands and make sure they are ready at least 2 weeks before your ROM. Most jewellery stores provide complimentary Ring Pillows but be creative and look for alternative sources of Ring Pillows or customize your very own Ring Pillow!

Read Your Unique Ring Pillow and Alternatives.

Lots of people fumble when it comes to tying their rings to the Ring Pillow on the day of their ceremony! Be sure to read Tie Them to the Ring Pillow.

8. Guest List
Do note that there are only a limited number of guests you can invite if you are holding your ceremony in ROM. Decide carefully on who you should invite.

If you are holding your ceremony out of ROM's premises, check with the venue organizer what is the min and max number of guests you can invite.

9. Photographer / Videographer
Usually on the day of your ROM, couples would just engage the photographer to capture shots of the lovely moments when the couple exchange their vows and rings. But why not get a videographer to capture the everlasting moment on film?

 During the wedding banquet, a video of the couple exchanging vows can be broadcasted to your guests.

10. Venue
Are you going to hold your ROM within or out of ROM's premises?
The venue has to be decided and confirmed before you E-file. You get to customise your own vows ,  wedding decorations , invite more guests, dine and wine with your guests if you do it outside so why not? If you want just a simple ceremony, holding it within ROM would be best.

If you are holding your ROM externally, check if the venue organizer is able to do up any decorations for you. If not, you can opt to do up your own decoration with the help of your family and friends.

Read Alternative Solemnization Venues.

11. Reception after the ceremony
If your ceremony is within ROM's premises
You could book a place and catch up with your family and friends for a celebration. Plan your transport arrangements in advance so the group is well taken care of.

If you are holding it externally
The venue organizer will take care of the food and seating arrangements.

12. Prepare your vows
If you are holding your ceremony out of ROM grounds, you can prepare your own set of vows. Do let the solemnizer know about your plans or ask if he/she has a sample for you to read out on that day.

Read Wedding Vows.

Check on the following a day before your ROM
  • Ensure your attire is ready.
  • IC of Groom and Bride. Remind the 2 Witnesses to bring their IC along.
  • ROM Certs* and relevant documents.
  • Give a courtesy call to your solemnizer, makeup artist,photographer/videographer to remind him/her about your ROM.
  • Token for your solemnizer to reimburse his/her tranport costs.*
  • Collect your bouquet of flowers.
  • Don't forget your wedding bands and ring pillow!
  • Sleep early the night before to look your best for your ROM!
* If you are holding your ceremony out of ROM grounds.


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I loved your posting...wedding checklist is a fantastic way of keeping track of all the nitty-gritty of planning a wedding.

Wo Yao Jie Hun Le said...

We are glad you like it and find it useful !! Thank you !