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Cut the cost !

With the increasing prices of almost everything, it is practical to reduce expenses on selected items for your wedding, while still making it a memorable event.

Wedding favours
Most hotels provide the complimentary wedding favours for all your guests, so you do not really need to spend on this.

Why not?
Just stick to the favours provided and be happy about it. Afterall, the guests still get to walk away with something from the banquet.

Most hotels or restaurants provide complimentary barrel of beer or bottles of wine. You do not have to add on unless you are expecting a lot of drinkers at your wedding. You may however negotiate with your co-ordinator to provide more beer/wine.

Why not?
Removing alcohol totally from your banquet! Otherwise if you have decided that your guests prefer beer/wine to wedding favours, propose to your co-ordinator to exchange the favours with beer/wine.

Most hotels do provide a complimentary guestbook for your guests to leave their well-wishes. Hence you need not have to buy one. However if there is any fancy design you prefer, you can always hint to your friends to give it to you as a wedding gift.

Why not?
Decorate a A3 cardboard and make it into a notice board for your guests to leave their well wishes ! You can frame it up after the wedding and hang it up in your love nest.

Ang Pow Box
Most hotels lend you the Ang Pow Box to your collection during the banquet. You do not have to buy one unless you have a use for it after the wedding.

Why not ?
DIY your own Ang Pow box according to your own budget and style! Get one of those A4 boxes, cut a slit on the cover and wrapped it up with your favourite wrapper or decorate it with your photos.

Wedding Cake
Most hotels or restaurants provide a dummy wedding cake for the cake cutting ceremony. So you do not have to rent one or engage a vendor to do a real wedding cake.

Why not?
Just stick to the dummy wedding cake provided. Afterall, the 8 or 9 course dinner will be enough to fill the stomach of your guests.