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When it comes to choosing your album photos

About one month's long wait after your bridal photo shoot, the time has finally come to select your photos for the album !!

Keep in mind what you have already agreed on and paid for as part of the bridal package:
* Number of photos/poses (Usually one pose means one photo -> Check with your coordinator)
* Size of album (10R, 15R etc)
* With or without digital effects

Note: Digital effects refer to adding borders, fading effects, or overlapping two or more photos, etc

1st Viewing
Some bridal studios will let you view your photos in a sequential manner, whereby they have pre-arranged photos with similar background so that if you choose them, the photos will match nicely in the album. Others will pass you the entire stack for your own viewing.

# Do not be affected by the sequential photo viewing !! At first look, eliminate any photos that you find not nice. They can re-arrange the selected photos to match nicely in the album.

2nd Viewing
You will be asked to go through the eliminated photos again to double-confirm that you do not want them. If happens that you cannot decide for some of the photos, you can put them aside for later consideration. Go through the remaining photos to eliminate for the 2nd round.

3rd Viewing
If need to, go for the 3rd round of elimination.

Your Album Photos
So after confirming all those unwanted photos, how many photos are you left with ? 90 ? 50 ? 30 ?

For 40 photos and below, you can opt to choose a 10R album with no digital effects. Each photo will still be relatively big enough for viewing since the display would be one photo per page. Given the small quantity of photos, there isn't much to play around for digital effects unless you like your photos to come with flowery prints and borders to give that romantic touch.

* Usually no previewing for the layout of the album for single photo per page album

If you have chosen 40 or more photos, a bigger size album and digital effects would be recommended. Firstly, if you are going to have one photo per page (w/o digital effects), you may end up with a very thick album or separate to two albums. Secondly, if you are going to have digital effects with two or more photos in one page, a smaller album may not allow you to view the photos clearly.

* The coordinator will let you view the proposed design layout for your confirmation before proceeding to make the album.

Top Up Costs
Top up cost 1: If you have chosen more photos than what is listed in your contract, you will have to top up additional cost per photo
Top up cost 2: If you decide to upgrade the size of your album, you will have to top up additional cost
Top up cost 3: If you decide to add digital effects for the photos in your album, you will have to top up additional cost for the works

Usually the cost for 1 and 2 is combined, say at 10R, each photo is $X and for 15R each photo is $Y. Sometimes the coordinator would offer you a package price for all 1, 2 and 3.

Cutting Costs
For cutting costs wise, you can opt to eliminate more photos or justify the need to upgrade album size. Some couples will end up topping up about $1k while others can top up up to $6k !! Do your own calculations and commit wisely !! Do you want to spend moeny on your wedding album or for your romantic honeymoon ?

Have fun !