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DIY Bridal Shoes !

Have you ever experince wearing a pair of elegantly styled strappy heels, and hours later, have your feet aching like they never have before, then you start to wonder if those shoes were really worth the pain ?

Why not find a pair of comfortable heels and convert it into your very own stylish bridal heels ! Especially if you are on a budget, buying bridal shoes can be a good place to save a few bucks. Since most bridal gowns worn are floor length, bridal shoes are rarely seen anyway. You can have two options. Borrow a pair of wedding shoes or buy an inexpensive pair and jazz it up !

Some of the accessories you can add to your DIY shoes
- Pearls
- Sequins
- Diamontes
- Crystals
- Ribbons
- Silk roses

Make a trip down to any art & craft or accessories shops and you will be spoilt for choices !