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Guide for solemnisation

Here's a list for you to check to ensure that you get everything ready before you take your vows and exchange rings to become Mr and Mrs!

1. Decide if you are holding your solemnisation at or outside ROM. Then decide on a date and time. Click here if you need ideas on a location outside ROM.

2. If you are holding your solemnisation outside ROM, you need to look for a solemniser. Click here for the list. Its best to meet up with your solemniser to obtain a consent form and get to know him/her before your ceremony =)

3. Next, you need to E-file at the ROM website. Take note of the earliest and latest date you have to e-file! The solemnisation can only take place after 21 days of e-file and within 3 months of e-file.
Example: If you file your notice of marriage on 1 February, The earliest solemnisation date shall be 23 February and the latest solemnisation date shall be 1 May.

If you intend to hold your solemnisation at ROM, you are advised to e-file 3 months before your solemnisation date in order to secure the date and a good timing at the ROM.

You will have to get ready the following before you e-file
- Names and IC number of Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be
- Names and IC number of your two witnesses (they must be at least 21 years old)
- Chosen solemniser's license number (For solemnisation outside ROM)
- Date, time, address of solemnisation location (For solemnisation outside ROM)
- Credit card for payment
- Make sure your printer has sufficient ink! You need to print out the confirmation notice and important instructions you have to take note of.

4. Once you are done with e-filing, you have to take note of the date and time you have to go to ROM for Verification and Statutory Declarations. BOTH of you have to turn up.
You will need to bring the following
- Original ICs of Bride-to-be and Groom-to-be
- Photocopies of your two witnesses' ICs
- Solemniser's consent form (For solemnisation outside ROM)

You will receive the following (For solemnisation outside ROM)
- A copy of the Certificate of Marriage
- A duplicated copy of the Certificate of Marriage (For Bride, Groom, Witnesses and Solemniser to sign on the solemnisation day)
- A return envelope

5. Finally ... Remember to get your rings ready by then! =)

For Your Information: Performing a customary marriage before the civil marriage will be in contravention of the law.
Source: Registry of Marriages | FAQ