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Pan Pacific Hotel - Pacific Ballroom

Here's a review on Pan Pacific Hotel's Pacific Ballroom.

The Ballroom is spacious and rectangular in shape. Couples can consider doing an L-shaped march in from the left side for the first match in and right side for second match in or vice versa so they can do a longer march in and be able to engage more of the guests along the way. If not they can opt to do a direct match in from the centre , this would be a shorter route and guests who are sitting further away might not get to enjoy watching the blissful couple do their match in. Usually guests might feel left out if they are sitting too far away so do spare a thought for your guests!

There are no pillars in the ballroom and two big projector screens are available which enables guests to have a clear view of the surroundings.

The food and serving portion is good! Guests are served individually by one waiter/waitress. The service is good and prompt and they will automatically top up your drinks.

The carpark is utlizied jointly by shoppers in Marina Square and guests from other hotels. Be mindful as well that Pan Pacific has several ballrooms and could be holding several weddings together. If your guests are driving, its good to ask them to arrive early so they won't have to wait for parking space. It's quite torturous to wait for parking space on a weekend evening! If your guest arrive early and get a parking lot, you get to start the dinner early and on time as well. Win-Win situation. =)

For guests taking public transport, the mrt is nearby but they will have to walk for around 15 minutes to get to the hotel. If not there are direct buses to the area as well.

Reception Area
The reception area is spacious and good for guests to mingle and view photo albums while waiting for the ballroom to be opened.