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Your Unique Ring Pillow and Alternatives

Some couples prefer a more unique way of displaying their wedding bands instead of using the traditional silk or satin pillow.

Uniqueness can come from using a themed object that matches the wedding motif or items that match the theme of the wedding, such as a decorative shell for a beach wedding or a crystal carriage for a romantic touch.


Collectible Toys 

Make your wedding a themed wedding from decorations to party favours, and of course, the unique ring pillow!

Photo courtesy from Nashberry & wife, and SG@Ministry.of.bearbrick

 We found this at LEGO®

Wedding Glasses

Simple yet unique, a very practical keepsake for your big day. Have it your way and use the glasses to do the toasting at your banquet lunch/dinner !

We found this at Precious Moments.

Dish it out

Engrave your wedding details or wedding vows on this simple stylish dish. A perfect place to hold your rings when you are not wearing them.

We found this at Etsy - Paloma's Nest.

Ring chest

Choose a specially designed, oversized ring box that is elaborately decorated to suit your Cinderella or Princess themed wedding ! This is a more secure option for the wedding bands without needing to tie them to a pillow.

We found this at Sincerity Weddings.

3D Pop Out World - Cinderella Pumpkin Coach

This DIY pumpkin coach would be an excellent wedding bands holder for a Cinderella themed wedding !

We found this at a stall at Forum Shopping Centre.

Angel Clay Figures

Ever pictured your perfect wedding ? Customised your very own dolly with the background of your dream with Angel Clay or traditional clay !

Photo courtesy from Mr & Mrs Loh. Angel Clay found at X-Ordinary Craftz & Giftz.

Bird's Nest

Holding your wedding in the park or garden ? Why not DIY a bird's nest to hold that precious wedding bands of yours ! Visit this website to learn how.

We found this at muscari by Easter Yu.

Dog Wings Ring Holder

If you have a pet dog tamed enough to attend your ceremony, engage him to be your ring bearer ! How to DIY your own dog wings ? Visit shops that sell party kits to get the Angel Wings, then add on elastic leg front bands, a marabou pouf and satin ribbon to hold the rings.

We found this at Moments of Elegance.

Glass Slipper

Remember the glass slipper that brought Prince Charming and Cinderella together ? Convert special wedding favours into your unique wedding band holder !

We found this at Bellenza.


What can you do to make that wedding by the seaside perfect ? Visit art shops and DIY your very own seashell ring holder !

We found this at Wedding Whimsy.

We found this at muscari by Easter Yu.

Personalised Pillow

If you still prefer a traditional ring pillow and yet want to stand out from the crowd, why not do a cross stitch of your favourite characters and use it to make a pillow. Add crystals or pearls for that romantic touch !


Found a special piece of decorative item you like very much ? Think of how you can turn it into a special ring pillow !! This sea urchin ornament can also be used to hold your rings and jewellery after your big day.

We found this at Etsy - Element Clay Studio.

Top it up

Check out these super cute handmade cake toppers !! Tie your rings to the handle of the topper and transformed it into the sweetest ring pillow !

We found this at Etsy - emiliefriday.

Plush it !

Tie a ribbon around your favourite plush to carry the rings for you. Otherwise, check out sweet little plushies to attach to your wedding pillow.

We found this at Precious Moments Tender Tails.

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