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Groom Footwear

It is a norm for groom to be taller than their bride. Some grooms are so much taller than their brides such that brides have to custom-make high heels in order to standing on a matching level. However for grooms who are of similar heights as their brides (who of course will be wearing heels), and don't want to compromise their height, they can custom-make their shoes too !

Men At Walk's uniquely designed shoes cater to men of all ages who wish to reach an average "ideal height" or men who simply like to be fashionable. With our shoes on your feet, you will exudes the great gentlemen charisma when you parade through the church halls and banquet ballroom with your beloved partner.

- People's Park Centre #01-38

Walking Tall is a specialized retailer in height-enhancing shoes for men. These shoes increase your height instantly by 6 to 10 cm – thanks to the ‘height increaser’ hidden inside our shoes. Every pair of our shoes is comfortable, stylish, affordable and made of best quality leather. Our friendly and professional sales associates cater to your specific needs and help you boost your confidence and enhance your overall appearance.

- OUB Center #04-11