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Wedding Vows

Ok so everything is set for your solemnization but don't forget about the most important speech you might have to make during your solemnization ceremony! How about writing your own vows instead of following the conventional lines? Make it more meaningful!

You may ask each other questions such as:
- What is that I love most about my future spouse? Why?
- What makes our relationship different and special?
- What role does religion play in our relationship?
(This may help you to decide whether you'd like to include biblical verses in your vows.)
- What first attracted you to your future spouse?
- What are your most important shared memories?
- When did you first say "I love you"?
- How long does your relationship go back?
(Do you have shared childhood memories that be important to put into your vows?)
- What are your most important future goals as a couple?
- What are your favorite songs and poems?

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