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Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

A wedding is not complete without your groomsmen and bridesmaids. They play important roles on your wedding day. Here's some pointers to consider before you select the privileged ones to form your bridal party!

Your best friends, siblings, cousins. Whoever you feel comfortable with.

Some people prefer to get those who are single to form the bridal party but who says that those who are married can't be part of the bridal party? It's really your choice :)

Bear in mind that the people you select should be able to at least interact well with each other. You don't want a fight or quarrel between them if they cant see eye to eye. Of course, the first meeting is important and you can plan something for them to get to know each other better if they don't know each other in the first place.

How many?

The Chinese believe that even numbers signify good luck but it really depends on how many bridesmaids and groomsmen you want.


Assign your bridal party roles in which you know they can excel in. They are supposed to help you and ensure the entire wedding runs smooth!

If there isn't enough people to fill up all of these roles, you still can ask others to help out. They need not necessarily be from all the people from your bridal party.

Chauffeur - Someone (preferably a safe driver) to drive the bridal car since the groom would be pretty tired out handling the gatecrashing and running about. The Groom should spend more time with the Bride in the car. Have a nice chat together and ease each other's nerves.

Drinker/Drinking party - If you don't want to get drunk during or after the wedding dinner, get buddies who can drink up for you! This is especially so for the groom. Remember you have to sign for the bill when the dinner ends!

F & B - You will be busy during the wedding dinner doing your march in, entertaining guests and trying to grab a bite. Leave the co-ordination of the food and drinks to someone from the bridal party. This person should have the authority to make decisions on the couple's behalf. Of course, you have to brief him/her on the following, say for example..

- When can the reserved table be opened up to guests who come in unexpectantly?

- Should more beer/wine be served if you run out of the given quantity by the hotel?

- When can the ballroom be opened up for the guests?

- When can the event officially commence?

Emcee - If they have the talent to emcee the event for you, why not? You can leave the emcee script to them and vet through after that so you can spend more time preparing your own wedding speech.

Main Coordinator - Appoint a main coordinator each for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. This important person makes sure that everything runs through smoothly and they are supposed to help the couple make decisions if anything goes wrong. You wouldnt want to be troubled by anything else on your wedding day. Concentrate on being happy and leave everything else to the coordinators if possible.

Reception Helpers - You need people to help with the registration during the wedding dinner. Try to get at least one family member to help out so they can take care of the relatives.

Time Keeper - The time keeper has to make sure that the schedule goes as planned and does not over run too much and delay other events planned in the schedule.

Treasurer - The ang pow and jewellery keeper. You will surely receive ang pows and jewellery sets during the tea ceremony. This person should be someone you trust very much and help to take care and keep your items safely. Same goes for the ang pows you receive during the wedding dinner. Give this person the code to your safe box in the hotel room and ensure all the ang pows are properly kept. Of course, remember to appoint one or two persons to accompany the treasurer when he/she goes up to your room with the ang pows.

Appreciation for the Bridal Party

You can do the following to thank the Bridal Party for their hard work

- Give them a treat

- Sponsor their Shirts/Dresses for the wedding day

- Thank them in your speech!

- Do up thank you cards/gifts for them


stevenjared0853 said...

Such a nice blog!! I really found it informative as have to organize my daughter’s wedding at one of wedding venues NYC. Will be implementing your tips for the day. All her friends will be there for the bridesmaid.