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Ang Pow Giving

Wedding Morning
The following ang pows are given as a token of appreciation for their help at the joyous occasion. The ang pows are usually given by the parent of the Groom and Bride. However, it can also be given by the wedding couple.
• Makeup Artists
• Photographers
• Videographers
• Bridesmaids/Helpers
• Groomsmen/Helpers

The following ang pows are given as a symbolic gesture as part of the wedding customs.
• Matchmaker (who will come with the Groom to fetch the Bride)
• A guy (usually the younger sibling or nephew) who open the bridal car’s door for the Groom when he arrived at the Bride’s place

Usually the Groom and his Groomsmen are expected to pass several tests in order to be given entry to the Bride’s house or room. Hence, the Groom is expected to prepare several ang pows for the challenges or get ready his best negotiator.

Wedding Tea Ceremony
During the tea ceremony, the Groom and Bride would receive ang pows or gifts from the family and relatives when tea is served to the elders. Sometimes, the elders would request for the wedding couple’s younger siblings or cousins to serve the couple tea as a form of respect. In return, the wedding couple will be required to give ang pows to them.

All the ang pows mentioned are given as a gesture of appreciation and receipt of blessings, hence the amount to be packed into the ang pows is very much depending on the family’s financial position and background.