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Shangri-la Hotel

My thoughts on Shangri-La Hotel after attending a wedding dinner hosted there.

Very grand place with beautiful table decorations.
The great thing about the ballroom is that there isnt any pillars so wherever you sit, you get a very good view of the entire ballroom. There were around 35 tables in the ballroom and it was a comfortable number. There was adequate space to move between the tables and made taking group photos real easy.
There were two screen projectors. Huge enough for all to view without any blockage.

Food is served individually so you cannot have extra portions but the individual portion they give is sufficient. Erm its a 9 course dinner so you will surely be full! But serving each guest individually would mean that there is long waiting time. There is one waiter attached to each table but still quite slow in terms of service. We asked for refill of drinks and had to ask the waiter at least 3 times before we could have drinks!

Quality of food was not bad but not fantastic. But in terms of quantity, its there.

Its quite inconvenient especially if you are taking public transport. If you are late, you have to take a cab there because it takes at least 20 minutes to walk from the MRT station. You wont want to do that and arrive sweaty and smelly at such a posh place.


Natty said...

what about the service and the rooms over there? seen them?