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Wedding Photoshoot

A wedding photoshoot is one of the most important activities before your wedding. How many times can you get to wear a beautiful wedding gown or tuxedo? It gives you great memories down the road and entertains your guests during the wedding dinner as they marvel at how wonderful you and your partner look to be in wedded bliss.

Since the wedding photos will be one of your major wedding memobilia, its important to get a professional photographer who is able to capture your photos the way you want it to.

Some very important factors to consider before you choose your photographer.

* Check out for recommendations from your family and friends! If the services of a photographer has been tried out , tested and given the thumbs up (ask them to show you the album if you want assurance), you can shortlist them immediately.

* The porfolio of the photographer is very important! Always request to view the works of the photographer that will be taking your photos. Ask to look at as many samples as possible to determine if you like the style. A complete wedding album would be much better than randomly selected shots as you want to view the entire works of a photoshoot instead of just a few good ones that the photographer has selected.

* Professional photographers have different style of shooting photos. So its important to know what kind of photos you like and shortlist the photographer who can meet your requirements.

PHOTOJOURNALISTIC - Photos are taken spontaneously without any posing to capture moments and real emotions

TRADITIONAL - Photos are taken with standard poses requested by the photographer

GLAMOUR - The couple takes centrestage and are portrayed in a romantic or sexy manner

* Try to meet up with the photographer to discuss on what you would like to be featured and agree on the style of your photos. You can take this chance to discuss on the locations for your photoshoot as well. While meeting up, you can also determine if you are able to click well with the photographer. You have to be comfortable when taking photos and if you are able to work well with the photographer, you will definitely look happier and nicer in photos!

* How experienced is your photographer in taking wedding photos? Experience definitely counts as they know where and when is the best time for taking outdoor shots.

What to check with the photographer
  • Make sure that the photographer will be the one taking your photos on the day of the photoshoot and not the assistant! Ask what happens if the photographer is unable to make it on your photoshoot (for valid reasons), would the photoshoot be cancelled or will there be a replacement photographer?
  • When would the photos be ready for selection and when would the wedding album be ready. You have to make sure that the photos are on time for your Actual Day.
  • If you are not driving or fetching the photographer to your photoshoot locations, check if transport costs are chargeable.
  • Check on the cost of extra photos you might want to add on as a reference ( Negotiate on a pricing after you have selected your photos as they should be eager to sell you more photos. )

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