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Goodwood Park Hotel

Check out the ballroom at Goodwood Park Hotel. I have attended a wedding once in that ballroom and I simply love it !

The ballroom is hexagonal-shaped with no pillars -- guests can expect no blockage of view throughout the whole session -- area is spacious and low ceiling makes it cosy.

The mirrored wall, also the entrance, is a major attraction. It enhances the ballroom, making it look bigger and brighter.

Mirrors Mirrors on the Wall

The ballroom is also equipped with four screens, two each on opposite sides of the room, for maximum confort of viewing photographs and videos.

Big Screens

Thumbs up for the food !! Just look at the big pieces of crab inside this bowl of shark fins. It's value for money. Service is good too.

Scrumptious food

Located at the end of Orchard Road, it's about 10 minutes walk from the exit of MRT station. There isn't a 'walking path' from the entrance to the lobby except for the upwards sloping road.


... just zinc ... said...

My second thoughts on the hotel ...

I went there again yesterday for another wedding. The menu wasn't to my liking but perhaps the wedding couple love it. Advise to choose a popular menu.

Reception area
The reception/holding area is a bit small, so most guest were cramped until they decide to open the ballroom for seating. Another thing about the carpark is no shelter.

As Goodwood is not a tall building, the couple had a suite at level one. It has a second door which opens to the swimming pool. I didn't quite like the amtosphere of the suite as it doesn't have any full length window that overlooks the sea or the scenery outside, in fact think no window except for the second door with glass panel. The room also appears to be smaller than the suites I went before and looks a bit old with the yellow lighting.

♥ Jer-LiCioUs ♥ said...
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Anonymous said...

Initially Goodwood Park hotel was my top choice as I like the exterior design of the building. However, their service is very poor. It has been a week since I e-mailed the co-ordinator requesting to take a look at the ballroom but have yet to hear from her. I'm so disappointed with their service!

Anonymous said...

I don't like the Goodwood Park either. The parking is disgusting enough for a top star hotel in singapore. I view the ballroom as well. It wasn't impressed me and it looked pack. don't think it worth for the price of almost sgd1400 for year 2011