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The Perfect Fit - Gown/Skirt Shape

The choice of gown/skirt shape strongly influences the overall style and look of the bridal gown. Some shapes such as the ball gown have a classical feel whilst shapes such as column have a modern sexier appeal. Your decision on what skirt shape to have should not only depend on what you like or what the latest fashion is, but what looks good on you.

Figure shape and height is an important factor for anyone deciding what skirt style to have. Beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes, and the best way to look your best is to focus on the real image of yourself.

Think about what you would normally wear, your favourite colours, where the ceremony is taking place and the tone you are aiming for -traditional, avant-grade or relaxed. Once you have a clear idea of these elements in your mind you can start applying them to your wedding outfit.

The following illustrations are a guideline to some of the main bridal gown skirt shapes and the body shapes they best suit - and don't suit ! You may decide to reject all these styles and go for something totally off the wall.

BALL GOWN / FULL SKIRT is the most traditional style of skirt for the bride who is after a classic elegant look. The skirt's appearance can vary depending on the fabric used and the range from structured and heavy looking to soft and light. This type of skirt is often combined with a fitted bodice and natural or dropped wasitline, suiting a wide range of figures, especially those with curves.

Recommended for full figured, pear shaped, and slim brides.

May be considered for brides who are petite or have a hour glass figure.

EMPIRE LINE dress is for brides who don't want a figure-hugging gown. The skirt starts just below the bust and is not as full as a ball gown or has an A-shape.

Recommended for a small-busted, slim figure and brides who do not have a defined waistline.

May be considered for bride with an inverted pear shaped body.

Not recommended for brides with hour glass figures.

PRINCESS dresses are typically "A-shaped", with vertical seams running from the waist or shoulders to the bottom of the skirt. The degree of flare in the skirt can vary from slight to extreme with a fitted bodice.

Recommended for the most body types.

Not recommended for brides who do not have a defined waistline.

COLUMN/STRAIGHT design is for brides who want a modern, chic look. The slim profile closely follows the body's curves and looks flattering for tall slim figures.

Recommended for tall, slim or petite brides.

May be considered for brides with a hour glass figure shaped body.

Not recommended for brides who are thick or short waisted, full figured, or have a pear shaped body type.

MERMAID styles flares out at the bottom. This type of skirt is quite often bias cut (i.e. cut on the diagonal). Great for brides wanting to accentuate their curvaceous figures.

Recommended for brides with a figure that they want to show off.

Not recommended for brides who are petite, thick or short waisted, or have an inverted pear shaped body type.


Steff said...

hmmmm... what abt brides who are not-so-slim?

... just zinc ... said...

Hi Steff, thanks for leaving your comment! Do check out our upcoming entry for a more detailed info for full-figured brides. Cheers !