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Novotel Clarke Quay

Just attended a wedding at Novotel Clarke Quay.

It was quite a distance to walk from the Clarke Quay Station. There is a bus-stop nearby though.

Reception Area
A very big reception area ! However, the area was cold and dim, and table layout was not provided. (Available on request) Washrooms are relatively nearby and lifts come directly to the ballroom.

The floral arrangement in the ballroom is quite simple.

Phoenix Grand Ballroom
The ballroom has high ceiling and no pillars. Only one screen is available and it was quite difficult for guests who sat near the screen to view the video/photos played on the screen. March in distance is alright. Ballroom is spacious with about 30 tables.

Food and Service
Food is delicious and portion is just right. The waitress (who served my table)though not very professional, but friendly and helpful. Serving done in family style.