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Welcome the Groom !

One of the most popular highlights of your big day – the gate-crash !

Although the Bride may choose to be involved in planning the gate-crash games for her husband, on the actual day, it’s really the Sisters who are calling the shot. While some Sisters would check with the Bride on the demands she has for the Groom, others prefer to do it the torturing way. WHAT ?! Come on, that would be the last thing that the Bride and Groom wish to encounter. Being saboed by the Sisters after spending so much effort in planning a dream wedding? Think of the humid weather that we in Singapore are experiencing ... Don’t you pity the Groom in pants, long shirt, coat and tie. Which Bride wants to be received by a sweaty panting Groom ? Make it enjoyable for both the Sisters and Brothers ! Of course, the tasks should have a certain level of difficulty without being too humiliating to the Groom and Brothers.

Everyone loves a themed wedding. While it may not be feasible to arrange for a themed wedding, due to budget restrictions, it is equally rewarding to incorporate a theme to the gate-crash. To make the morning more interesting and presentable (for video purposes), Sisters can make game cards with instructions for the Groom and Brothers, as well as some props which might be needed for the games.

Example: For a Bride who is a big fan of Jay Chou, we had used the Jay’s song titles for each stage of the gate-crash and rewarded the Groom and Brothers with milk after the Cowboy Dance !

Example: For a Groom who is usually "as blur as sotong", we adopted a sea-themed gate-crash and made the Groom and Brothers danced to the music of "Under The Sea" in seaweed skirts !

While we support the 酸甜苦辣dishes, we recommend Sisters to prepare individual servings rather than mixing all the flavours into one big cup of disgusting juice. Of course if each of the Sisters is able to gulp down a cup of the disgusting drink, well, by all means, you may serve them to the Groom and his Brothers.

The typical dishes are usually made with biscuits, bread, buns and the easiest of all, juices.

酸 – Lemon, Lime, Vinegar, Sour-flavoured sweets ...
甜 – Honey, Sugar, Milk, Ice cream, Sweets ...
苦 – Bitter gourd, Dark chocolates, Ginseng pieces ...
辣 – Wasabi, Chili, Curry ...

Example: Harmless looking bitter gourd drink with colourful capsicum bits

Example: 酸 (skittles) 甜 (ice cream) 苦 (dark chocolate) 辣 (spicy flavoured chips) in a potty

It’s always romantic to have your loved one write down something for you, be it a short sweet note or an original poem. Prepare a big poster board and have the Groom express his love in writing or drawing !! The simplest of all will be to use the Bride’s name as the first letter of each sentence of the short poem. Otherwise, you can also make it compulsory for the Groom to include certain words into the poem and engage the Groomsmen by asking them to act out the words. Other options include writing down "10 reasons I love Thee" or signing "The Love Contract".

Example: Start your love with ABCs

Example: Express your love by drawing

Not to be missed if the Groom is a good singer. This is the best time to perform and score points. For Bride living at 2nd storey or landed property, you can consider asking the Groom and Brothers to sing "对面的女孩看过来" from 1st floor or across the road. Bear in mind not to disturb the neighbours too much. If not, sing at the door and ask the Groomsmen to dance along. Recommended songs are "I Do Cherish You", "Now and Forever", "真心话", "你是我的老婆", and any other songs with significant meaning.

How about getting the Groom and Brothers to dance ? Surely even a non dancer would know how to shake their bom bom. Check that the corridor has enough space before planning. Pole dancing may be fun, but add the spice and do a group dance ! Sisters can do their part by preparing some props to spice up the heat.

Example: Pink seaweed dress made with rafia strings and ribbons

Example: Self made skirts for cancan dance

Everybody loves rewards ! After all the hard work of singing and dancing, surprise the men with treats in the form of bitter chocolate, sour lemon candy, wasabi peas etc … Haha, but if you are sincere in offering a reward, they would be glad to be given some cookies, milk, juices or energy bars.

Example: I LOVE U breakfast

Example: Love Bites

Example: Rewarded with milk !

Ask the Groom and Brothers to go up the Bride’s house using the stairs, not lift !
We didn’t like this idea. It may be fun to see them to pose at each storey, but they will reach in a sweaty, and possibly smelly, state.

Ask the Groom and Brothers to do exercises
Surely this is not the time to test the masculine side of them. Similarly, we do not want them to smell ... especially if we are going to share the car rides.

Ask the Groom and Brothers to remove hair on leg or on any part of the body
Anyone short of a fur coat ? We don’t quite get the entertaining factor of this game ...

Ask the Groom and Brothers to wear bras and underwear and dance
Not aesthetically pleasing ... plus what are you going to do with the oversized bras?

Ask the Groom to hang a banana from XXX and one of the Brothers to peel and eat it
Why not try something more romantic instead of this brokeback stunt?

Our stand is that gate-crash games shouldn’t be done for the sake of having a noisy gate-crash party. If you want to test the sincerity and the Groom’s love for the Bride, there are many creative ways instead of thinking of torturous ideas that make the guys loathe gate-crash time. Make it meaningful and enjoyable for the Bridal party, and of course the end result would be lovely sweet memories (preferably captured in video) for the couple to commemorate their big day.