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Checklist : Wedding Lunch/Dinner Banquet

Consider the accessibility of the venue.
Is transport such as mrt stations and bus-stops available ? If not , can a shuttle bus be provided for your guests who do not have a car?

Layout of the ballroom is important to ensure that your guests are able to view the march-in and stage without any blockages such as pillars. If there are blockages, cater for projectors or live feed to ensure they have a clear view.

The shape of the ballroom also affects your march-in.
Do you want a long or short march-in?
Find out if the main door leads straight to the stage or you have to do some turns in order to get to the stage.

Check on the number of ballrooms available if you are holding your banquet in a hotel. Some hotels have more than one ballroom so there could be more than one wedding banquet held on the same day.
You wouldn't want your guests to appear at another ballroom if clear instructions/signages are not available!

Number of tables
Check the minimum and maximum number of tables for the ballroom.
Try not to stretch the limit as you would want your guests to feel cosy and comfy in that setting. It's important to ensure there is enough space for everyone to eat, move around and take group photos.
When signing the contract, always try to set the mimimum number of tables to the lowest possible so as not to incur any charges if you can't meet the minimum closer to the date.

Check !!
* Number of baby chairs available if you are expecting babies to attend.

One table usually seats ten guests while larger tables can accomodate up to twelve guests. But make sure this is not too cramped for your guests.

Most hotel provides a complimentary trial dinner for 6 or 10 people. The trial dinner is usually conducted one month before the actual wedding.

How many people are invited for the trial-dinner? Full or partial menu for the trial-dinner? Is the trial-dinner on a weekday or weekend? Whether there is extra cost if adding more people to each table?

Decoration (Flowers on table/stage, dummy cake, flowers along aisle)
Usually different themes are offered for selection.
A dummy cake is usually placed on the stage as part of the decorations.
Check if the flowers catered are from a reliable supplier.

Check !!
* Whether table deco will be removed when banquet is served, some tall standing deco may hinder the process when taking table photos.

Check the design and colour of table/chair covers, especially for the VIP table. They play an important role too!

If chair covers are not provided, what will be the additional cost for the chair covers?

Reception Area
Reception area is important as it's the place where you receive your guests and that is also where they obtain information about their seating arrangements. It should be cosy enough for them to move around.

Remember that the cocktail session would be held at the reception area. Can it accomodate guests who turn up early for the cocktail before they are allowed to enter the ballroom? Will there be seats for the elderly if you are not going toto open the ballroom until much later?

Ask if the reception area is shared if the venue has more than one ballroom or whether another wedding banquet is held on the same day. Display visible and clear signages to avoid confusion.

Decide on the type of cuisine you wish to have.
It's not just the quantity that matters! Quality is important too!
Ask your co-ordinator about charges for Muslim or Vegetarian food. Not all hotels have halal-certified food for muslims.
Some hotels offer meals for children too.

At the same time, you may want to check their first dish music/song and request if can change accordingly to your preference.

What is the number of tables a waiter/waitress will be serving? Who is their pool of banquet waiters/waitresses?

Soft drinks and chinese tea are usually free flow throughout the event.

Majority of hotels will provide a complimentary 30 litre barrel of beer which amounts to around 80 plus glasses. If not a 30 litre barrel will cost from $680 onwards. The best is to neogotiate for free flow of beer if possible! But this usually applies to weekdays and 4-star hotels =)

For wine, an estimation of consumption should be based on 1.5 bottles for every table. If you have 30 tables, you should have 30 x 1.5 bottles ready for guests. To cut down on alcohol consumption, its best not to serve alcohol during the cocktail. Serve alcohol when the dinner starts.
Ask about corkage charges if you are bringing your own wine. Check if corkage can be waived.

Several companies offer wine on a consignment basis. So it means that you can order as much as you want and return those wine which have not been opened for consumption for a refund. Contacts will be provided in another post.
Some hotels offer you a complimentary bottle of wine per table!

How many complimentary barrels of beer/bottles of wine are included in the package? How many litres per barrel/bottle? Cost of extra barrel/bottle? Can they throw in an extra complimentary barrels/bottles? What are the corkage charges for hard-liquor, stout and wines?

Wedding Favours
Hotels will usually provide wedding favors for all your guests. There are usually different types of favours to choose from, consumables and non-counsumables.

On top of wedding favours, are complimentary fruit cakes or chocolate pralines provided? If fruit cake is provided, what is the cost involved if you would like to have chocolate pralines?

If you don't not wish to have any wedding favours, can you exchange it for other options like more wine?

Hotels will offer complimentary packing for a certain percentage (usaully 20%) of your confirmed attendance.
Check on the number of lots that can be reserved for your guests.
Ask about the location of the carpark. Some of the carparks are actually not located within the hotel.

Check !!
* Number of complimentary parking coupons provide. What if more is required?

Invitation cards
Hotels will offer complimentary invitation cards (not inclusive of printing) for a certain percentage (usually 70%) of your confirmed attendance. Check the different available designs and printing rates. You may source for your own printers too.

Check !!
* Number of complimentary invitation cards provide. What if more is required?

Bridal Suite
Most hotels will offer complimentary one or two nights stay in the hotel suite. While some hotels offer complimentary day use room for helpers, some hotels throw in a complimentary one-night stay for standard room for helpers. If you have overseas guests, you may want to check out the discounted prices offered by the hotel.

Some hotels even provide welcome set meals for the couples, topped with cakes, fruits and chocolates !

How many complimentary nights of stay is provided? If only one night, try to get two nights. If they provide anniversary dinner voucher, try to ditch it in exchange for an extra night stay.


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