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Swissotel Merchant Court

Wow I have to recall the details because I attended a wedding dinner at Swissotel Merchant Court quite a few months back..

Not exactly grand but its simple and looks good . You will feel comfortable at the spacious ballroom . The bad thing is the exterior of the building is not exactly appealing but who cares about the exterior anyway.. Haha

A bit troublesome because you have to take the NEL to Clarke Quay. But at least you can reach the hotel after exiting from the station. If your friends and relatives really want to celebrate your big day , they would not mind the travelling. =)

There's no pillars! March in distance is not exactly long so you have to march in slow for everyone to see you ..Hehe. Only one projector is essential because of the shape of the ballroom. Setting on the stage is nice too.

Reception Area
Private reception area as they have only one ballroom in the hotel. Reception area is huge!

I have tried the food at a wedding dinner previously. Its good and they serve you individual portions. Quite value for money.

The washrooms are located pretty near the ballroom, unlike some others where you have to walk a great distance.

Sound System
The sound system was good. However, do take note that original music CDs are preferred. Music played from recorded CDs tend to be a bit jerky, but that doesn't pose a big issue in general.