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Dresses for the Full-Figured Bride

Instead of trying to fit your body to the wedding dress, choose a style that will minimize your flaws. No matter your shape, there is a wedding dress for you. A good rule of thumb for brides with problem areas is to always try to draw attention away from them. When required, you can always get a seamstress or tailor to help you achieve that perfect fit.

Accentuate the positive. Whatever you feel is your strongest feature – strong legs, a lovely cleavage, a shapely hips -- choose a wedding ensemble that enhances that attribute. If you have a beautiful neckline, don't hide by covering your neck. If you have pretty shoulders, show them off with a strapless or off-the-shoulder gown. You already know what your best features are - it's up to you to emphasize them.

Remember, gown shape, waistline, neckline, frills, material and even accessories, all play an important part in achieveing your perfect look. If you are not comfortable in a particular gown, always try another one until you find a suitable one that will make you a pretty and confident bride.

If your body is well-rounded all over, go for an A-shaped dress. This style appears to give length to the entire body, while reducing width, so it works wonders on full-figured bodies because of its slimming effect.

You might also want to look for an A-shaped gown that has a low V-neck or scoop neckline because they are the most flattering on full-figured bodies.

You might also want to stay with traditional wedding gown materials, rather than shiny gowns, which tend to give people a heavier look.

If your middle area is the thickest section of your body, consider a Princess gown. This style minimizes the waist area by flaring out just below it. Brides with this body shape should also try on dresses that have pleats, as long as the pleating starts below your hip.

Other options are gowns with an Empire waistline or an A-shaped fitted bodice that flares out from the bust line. Both of these styles are ideal for hiding a thick waist.

If your hips, thighs and/or buttocks are larger than your bust and waist, look for a wedding dress with an Empire waistline. Because this style is narrower right below your bust area, it nicely hides your hips and back side.

A gown with a fitted bodice and a wide flowing skirt on the bottom also works well for this body type. But stay away from pleats or gathered fabric flowing down from the waist.

Brides with wide hips may want to consider an A-shaped style, a Basque waistline, or even a Ball gown with a full skirt that forms at the waistline.

A Basque waistline is a particularly good choice because the waistline falls a bit below your actual waist, giving your body the appearance of an hourglass figure.

If you have a big bust, your ideal gown is with an off-the-shoulder neckline, especially one with very little beadwork on the bodice (you want to divert attention from your chest area) and a skirt that narrows to the floor.

If the gown has a full skirt, it will cause you to look big on both the top and bottom. But with a strapless, fitted gown, the focus is on your shoulders.

If you prefer not to show that much skin with an off-the-shoulder style, then look for gowns with either a V-neckline, keyhole, or open neckline and a slimming skirt to achieve a slimming, contrasting line in all the right places.