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The Perfect Fit - Neckline Shape

The neckline draws attention to the upper part of the body, especially the face, collarbone and décolletage areas. There are many different styles of neckline to choose from. As well as enhancing the character of the gown or complimenting an accessory, it is important to choose a neckline that suits the features of the wearer.

Remember it's not just about the dress. You also have your presonality, an aura, vitality, your face hair ... a whole package to work with. If you're happy about what your're doing, nothing could look more stunning and beautiful than that.

SCOOP/ROUND neckline is a U-shaped neckline which is often cut quite low and similar on the back of the dress.
This is a style that suit any bride.

HALTERNECK features straps which join at the back of the neck or a high neck with wide armholes. This design usually has a very low cut back, so it is best worn without a bra.
Suggested for short-waisted brides or brides with broad shoulders
Brides with thin figures or narrow shoulders.

HIGH neckline has a high neck similar to the cheongsam look.
Suggested for brides who are petite or want a dress that has a lengthening effect.
Brides who are taller, have pear shaped figures, or narrow shoulders.

SWEETHEART has a low heart-shaped neckline, with a back usually cut at a similar height to the front but without the curvy heart shape. Brides who want to flaunt their cleavage in a tasteful manner will opt for this style.
Suggested for brides with a hourglass figure or women with larger chests.

OFF THE SHOULDER style has small sleeves or straps, which sits just below the shoulder on the upper arm, showing off the shoulders and collar bone.
Suggested for brides with a hourglass figure or a pear shaped figure.
Brides with thin figures, fuller arms or broad shoulders.

STRAPLESS bodice is usually figure-hugging, with a straight or shaped neckline. This style is good for those with broad shoulders.
Suggested for brides who are full figured, petite, or have a hourglass figure.
Brides with smaller chests.

V-neck dips down to a v-shape at the front, which de-emphasizes the bust line. The back may be similarly cut or be higher and straighter. This style suits brides with a medium to large bustline.
Suggested for brides with a medium sized chest.
Brides with larger or smaller then average size chest.

SQUARE neckline is cut straight across angled corners where the straps or sleeves meet.
This is a style for almost any bride.

JEWEL neckline is round and high cut, sitting near the base of the throat. This style is good for small busted brides and brides who wish to cover up their upper chest or collar-bone area.
Suggested for brides with a smaller chest.
Brides with larger chests.

The wide neck shape of the BATEAU follows the collar bone almost to the edge of the shoulders. The front and back panels are either joined at the tip or separated by a thin strap.
Suggested for brides with a smaller chest.
Brides with larger chests.

SPAGHETTI STRAP has a neckline that is usually straight or slightly shaped, and supported by thin, delicate straps, which are sometimes detachable. This style is good for small to medium chested brides.
Suggested for brides with small to average sized chest.
Brides with full figures or narrow shoulders.