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Tie them to the Ring Pillow !

You might have noticed that a typical ring pillow comes with two thin ribbons.

That's right, it's for securing each wedding band to the pillow to be ready for the special moment. But how to tie that knot so that you can remove the ring with ease for your vow taking ? Read on to find out !
(Click on the photo to view the bigger picture)

Secure the Wedding Bands to the Ring Pillow

1. Form a loop with one of the ribbons

2. Place one wedding band over the loop and hold as shown

3. With the free end of the same ribbon, tie a knot around the ribbon loop

4. Pull both the loop and free end to tighten the knot

5. Adjust and position the wedding band as required

6. Place the wedding band flat on the pillow if you wish

7. Repeat steps 1-7 for the other wedding band using the other ribbon

Remove the Wedding Bands from the Ring Pillow

1. Using the one hand, pull the wedding band away from the pillow. You may use the other hand to hold the pillow if required.

2. Pull the wedding band all the way and the knot will automatically be released.

Compliments ...
Nail Art by Winsome
Ring Pillow from Lee Hwa Jewellery
Rings from Lee Hwa Jewellery and Felice Jewellery
Photography by coco


Anonymous said...

wow!that is such a perfect idea!i love it!For more ideas check out Wedding Accessories by Weddingstar :)