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Suit the Groom

Here is a general guide to choose the perfect suit:

* For the different types of suits mentioned in this entry, please refer to Dress up the Groom ! for illustrations.

Narrow Chest
A double breasted suit would do wonders to add bulk to your upper body, making you stand out on your big day.

Long Neck
Jackets with Nehru collars will create a less "skinny" neck.

Thick Neck
Wearing a suit with a Mandarin collar would be a good idea to "slim" down the neck. The Mandarin collar setup adds less bulk to the already wide neck.

Anything that is slightly loose to hide the excesses without looking too baggy.

A single breasted suit would be the preferred choice as a double breasted jacket would make you look like you are wearing your dad's oversized jacket.

No coat with tails! A conventional suit would be the best.

For the differnt body combination:

Short & Thin
A short and thin groom should NOT wear double-breasted suits. He'll end up looking lost in it! A three-button jacket with pleated trousers or tuxedo pants is a great look for that short and thin groom.

Short & Broad
The short and broad groom should wear a single-breasted suit. A one-button or two-button suit that closes near his waistline is a perfect choice. Once again, if he has a large waistline, he should wear a vest rather than a cummerbund. Padded shoulders will also draw the attention away from the waistline up to the shoulders.

Tall & Thin
The tall and thin groom can wear just about anything. He can wear just about any color and style. If the groom is very thin but tall, he can try a double-breasted suit. This will give him a little extra padding in the chest area. If you want to look broader in the shoulders, ask for more padding in the shoulders. A pleated shirt will also look great on a very thin groom.

Tall & Broad
The tall and broad groom should also stay away from the double-breasted suits. It will just make him look more husky. He should also avoid pleated shirts. Also, if he has a belly, he should wear a vest rather than a cummerbund (the cummerbund will draw attention to his waistline and the vest will hide it).

Other Important Points To Remember:

Length of sleeves are judged with your arms relaxed, down and at the sides. The rule of thumb is to allow a very small amount of shirt cuff to be visible. The upper arm region should not be tight and bunched up. Ideally, the shoulders should be smooth over the arm. Be realistic about getting the "perfect fit" especially for rented suits. Most rental stores will alter coat sleeves and pants length.

Remember to wear the shoes that you will be wearing when you are doing the fitting of your pants. The purpose of bringing your shoes along is to gauge the kind of 'break' you want on the top front of the shoe when the pants are worn.


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