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Choosing a Necklace

The bride's jewellery, along with her other accessories should reflect the formality of the wedding celebration. A small informal wedding calls for simple jewellery, while a large formal wedding calls for more elaborate jewellery.

Nowadays, brides often include rhinestones, diamonds, faux diamonds, crystals, gemstones and or a combination of them all in their wedding jewellery. They can work with all gown colours, but it is best to use a silver setting with white and a gold setting with other gown colours. Having said that, it's really a matter of personal style and budget.

As a general rule, the more glitter and detailing on the gown, the simpler the jewellery should be, while a more plain gown can support more opulent selection.

Determining the length of necklace

COLLAR - 12"-13". Usually made up of three or more strands and fits securely around the neck.

Wedding: This Victorian style looks lovely with a plunging or strapless neckline.
Casual: To wear with V-necks, boat necks, and off–the–shoulder fashions.

CHOKER - 14"-16". Usually made up of one to three strands worn closely around the neck, resting at the collarbone, accenting the neckline.

Wedding: The most classic version and generally works well with a jewel or bateau neckline.
Casual: To wear with any outfit and any neckline.

PRINCESS - 17"-19". It falls below the hollow of the neck and hangs just around the collarbone. A perfect necklace for a pendant.

Wedding: Perfect for strapless gowns. This style looks great with almost every bridal gown neckline, except for a high neckline.
Casual: To wear as a contract to low, plunging necklines and or add a pendant for a bold, eye-catching look.

MATINEE - 20"-24". They hang much lower extending closer to the breast area.

Wedding: This style hits the top of the bust and looks great with a bateau, jewel or a lower neckline with sheer fabric covering the décolletage area.
Casual: To wear for casual or business dress.

OPERA - 28"-34". Usually a long single stand that falls below the bust. Advisable for higher necklines and can be doubled as two choker necklace lengths.

Wedding: Not often a good choice for bridal gowns or bridesmaid dresses.
Casual: To wear with high or crew necklines with versatility to be worn as a single or double strand to transform from day to evening wear with elegant ease.

ROPES and LARIATS - Over 45". Ropes and Lariats are very long necklaces that can be worn to fit clothing or wrapped to create a two-stranded choker.

Wedding: Definitely a no-no.
Casual: Infinitely elegant and classic, the rope necklaces usually have hidden clasps placed in strategic locations to be transformed into multi-strand necklace and bracelet combinations. Lariats are another long-length necklaces that are unattached at one end so that you can tie them in various ways to deliver sexier results.

General Tips Based on Face Shape, Height, Figure

Based on Face Shape
- For Oval face, you gain flexibility in choosing a necklace because an oval face shape suits any necklace lengths.
- For Round face, an opera necklace length will be much better.
- For Heart shaped face, balance with choker necklaces because they soften and diminish the sharp angle of your chin.
- For Rectangular and Oblong face, choose choker necklaces with higher length because they reduce the length of the face.

Based on Height
- Below 1.6m in height, collar or princess length necklaces look best. V-Shape styles or Matinee necklace length will make you look taller.
- Between 1.6m - 1.7m, you can wear necklaces of any length.
- Above 1.7m, you can wear longer necklaces any length.

Based on Figure
- If you have full figured body, do not wear necklaces that lay on the breast line.
- If you have a large breast, you can choose necklaces that are more than 22" in length. It will be uncomfortable if you try to choose longer than this length.
- If you are flat chested, long thin chains will look nice on you.


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