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Guide for Actual Day Schedule

As your wedding draws near, you need to do a time plan and schedule of events that should take place on your big day! You don't want anything to go wrong on the big day after these months of planning.

Here's a guide on what should happen on that day and who needs to be around

The Night Before the Big Day
· Have you collected your gowns and suits and flowers?
· Tie car decor to bridal car
· Ensure everything is packed for the hotel stay on Big Day
· Hair combing ceremony if necessary
· Bride to avoid washing hair the night before
· Bride to avoid drinking too much water the night before
· Bride and Groom MUST sleep early! You are supposed to look your best on your BIG day!

Morning - Preparation
    @ Bride's place
    · Light Breakfast & Wash Up
    · Bride to dress up
    · Makeup artist arrive
    · Bridesmaids/helpers arrive
    · Photographer/Videographer arrive & start to shoot
    · Wait for Groom to come. Meanwhile Bridesmaids can entertain the Bride to keep her from getting too nervous. This is a good opportunity for the videographer and photographer to take candid shots.

    @ Groom's place
    · Light Breakfast & Wash Up
    · Groomsmen/helpers arrive
    . Tie car decors to following cars if necessary
    . Fetch the 'matchmaker'
    · Call Bride's house before setting off (So the party at Bride's house can get ready)
    · Take photos with additional camera
    * Bring hand bouquet
    * Bring Ang Pows
    * Ceremonial items

Morning - Arrival @ Bride's place
· Photographer/Videographer to get ready
. A guy (usually the younger sibling or nephew) from Bride's side to open car door. He should bring down two oranges and offer it to the Groom once he opens the door. Groom will prepare an ang pow for him.
· Charging brigade aka gate crashing!

Read Welcome the Groom !

· Groom approach Bride
· Give Bride the hand bouquet
· Take photos
. Tea Ceremony to take place
- Depending on your family, tea ceremony for Bride's side can take place after the couple comes back from the Groom's place or love nest.
- Get your bridesmaids to help out with the tea ceremony. Someone should assist with the sequence for serving tea. Usually it will be the parents, grandparents, parents's siblings ... the list goes on.

Read Tea Ceremony

- Get someone to keep your ang pows and jewellery you might receive from the tea ceremony
. Set off for Groom's place

Morning - Arrival @ Groom's Place
. Call Groom's place to inform his family members to get ready
. A guy (usually the younger sibling or nephew) from Groom's side to open car door. To prepare ang pow for him too
. Tea Ceremony to take place
. Photo taking
. Set off for love nest. If you are staying at the Groom's place then the couple will set off to the Bride's place again after changing her gown to a tea dress or kua.

Proceed to Love Nest
. Groom to carry Bride into the house or room
. Bride to change into a tea dress or kua
. Switch on the dragon/pheonix lamps
. Set off for Bride's place

Return to Bride's Place
. Tea Ceremony (If it was not carried out earlier on)
. Lunch
. Rest and relax before the wedding dinner
* Reminders! Before you leave for the hotel ...
- Bring along the overnight bag for your hotel stay (You should have packed it already)
- Pack your stuff for honeymoon beforehand too if you are leaving the next morning
- Remember to bring along your wedding album(s), ang pow box(es), spare ang pow packets, guest books and pens, CDs and any other decorations

Evening - Wedding Dinner
. Check into hotel after lunch
. Couple to rest before make up artist arrives
. Change into suit and gown
. Make up starts
. Groomsmen and Bridesmaids arrive to do a rehearsal/briefing before dinner commences
. Groom to meet up with banquet co-ordinator and assign Groomsmen/Bridesmaids to take charge of alcohol, seating arrangements, time keeping etc


Odetta said...

People should read this.

Anonymous said...


We are getting married this year and i am quite confused on some procedures.

As we will be living with my parents after our marriage hence my room which i shared with my sister will be used as our love nest. So in this case, how do we go about it?
After tea ceremony for my parent-in-laws at the hotel for my husband side, i will change into tea dress and back to my parent's house for tea ceremony then afterwhich will proceed to our room? And also, back to hotel, my husband do not have any siblings to open the door, is this ok or we have to get someone to open the for us? Hope you can help on this if you have any info? Thank you so much.