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Dress up the Groom !

Although it seems like weddings are always about the Bride, lets not forget about the Groom too!

A well-dressed lady deserves an appropriately attired man. For that reason,
the Groom should wear an elegant and fashionable suit that shows off his personal style and makes a good impression on his wedding day.

A suit may be custom-made, rented, or bought in a shop. In any case, it should be acquired well in advance. The Groom's attire should be requested at the tailor's at least 2 to 3 months before the wedding in order to prevent any anxiety or undesirable situations arising from a lack of time.


The Classic Suit
Austere, three-piece classic dress suits (two-piece is also an option) in pale colors suit any shape or size man, especially in the summer. Vests look elegant in silver-gray tones, but variations are available. The most important part is choosing the right tones to match the suit.

Single-breasted suits: This is the basic style. Most suits are single breasted. Usually there is a choice of two or three buttons for single-breasted suits. The front buttons on the suits are in a single straight row.

Double-breasted suits: These are a much more stylish and formal suit worn by older men; the double-breasted jacket looks classy. The suit jacket has one of its fronts overlap the other with two sets of buttons.

The Tuxedo
A tuxedo is an elegant evening jacket with satin lapels available in single or double breasted styles. The coat usually has either a turndown or stand-up collar; lapels from the outside are trimmed with sateen or silk. Tuxedo pants have a silk braid coming down the outside stitch. Black is traditional for tuxedos, but a tailored gray, dark-blue, or even white tux can be appropriate.

The Tailcoat
A tailcoat is a jacket with pointed laps cut just below the waist in front and has knee-length "tails" in the back. Pants that go with a tailcoat should have no cuffs.

The cutaway is a formal daytime tailcoat with very smooth lines and is usually grey or black. It is often referred to as a "morning coat" and is worn for formal daytime weddings (up to 6pm).

A cousin to the cutaway, this short coat is worn for informal morning and afternoon weddings. Traditionally, the stroller has the same cut as the tuxedo, but is usually grey rather than black and does not have satin lapels.




Check under TIPS & HOW-TO for the various methods of tying a tie !


Shoes should be a classic black or white to match a black or white suit respectively.

When deciding on the Groom's accessories, every tiny detail should be accounted for. These details create the image of the Groom. Accessories include: tie or bow tie, neckerchief or scarf, tiepins, clips, collar buttons, handkerchiefs, boutonniere and sash.

Neckerchief or Scarf
An elegant neckerchief or a scarf is one more alternative to a tie. Neckerchiefs have a romantic look. If you choose this route, make sure the neck of the vest is not too low. Higher neck lines will hold the scarf in place and prevent it from getting out of the vest.

Tiepins, Clips, Collar Buttons
An unusual clip or a beautiful tiepin with pearls worn with collar buttons will make a suit look elegant and accentuate the Groom's particular fashion sense. Usually, the Bride takes on the responsibility of buying these accessories for the Groom.

A matching handkerchief placed in the breast pocket will complete any suit or tuxedo.

A buttonhole is a small flower or a nosegay that is worn on the left lapel. It is made from the same flowers and in the same colors as the Bride's bouquet, showing the Bride and Groom to be a pair.

A sash is a wide belt worn with a tuxedo only. It may be of any color. If worn with a bow tie, they should be the same color.

A cummerbund is a broad waist sash, usually pleated, which is often worn with single-breasted suits.


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