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Bridal Packages - The Essentials

Before you sign up for a Bridal Package, it's good to ask yourselves the following questions:
- Do I want a ROM dress or tea dress ?
- Do I want many sets of gowns ?
- Do I want a lot of photos ?
- Do I want special effects or art on my photos ?
- Do I want to take photos at various locations ?
- Do I want to do overseas photoshoot ?
- Do I want coats for the Fathers or dresses for the Mothers, Sisters ?

If you have a lot of 'wants', you should look for packages that can accomodate most of them so that additional top-ups are minimised and this could help you save a lot. A basic package can cost from $2k ~ $3k, but a package with more gowns, coats, photos bundled can cost from $3k ~ $6k.

A Bridal Package should preferably have the following

Gowns and Suits (for Photography and Actual Day)
1 Wedding gown
1 Evening gown
1 Tea Dress/Kua
1 Outdoor gown for photoshoot
Groom's suit
Check !!
* Whether gowns are Off-The-Rack(OTR) or Made-To-Measure(MTM)
* Bargain on more gowns whenever possible
Ask ??
* Rental cost of addtional gowns or coats
* Is the MTM gown for rental or keeps
* 1st hand for OTR gowns or old design
* Deposit amount upon gown collection for Actual Day

Make-up & Hairstyling
1 session of trial make-up (usually does not include hairstyling)
1 session for Photoshoot (usually change of make-up & hairstyling for each change of gown)
1 session in the Morning of Wedding Day
1 session in the Evening of Wedding Day
Check !!
* Whether trial make-up can be used for ROM
Ask ??
* Cost of ampoule and add-on eyelash
* Cost of hairstyling for trial make-up
* Cost of additional session if photoshoot is on 2 different days
* Cost of additional charges for early makeup service

Bouquet for Photoshoot
Bouquet for Wedding Day
Corsages (For Groom and both parents)
Check !!
* Whether bouquets are fake flowers or fresh flowers

Bridal Car
Rental of Bridal car with chauffeur and petrol provided
Decoration for Bridal Car
Extra sets of ribbons for accompanying cars
Check !!
* Whether can choose decoration on car or just colour of ribbon/lace
* Whether flowers used are fake flowers or fresh flowers
* How many extra sets of ribbons are provided

Bridal Accessories
Provided by Bridal Shop or Makeup Artist for photoshoot
At least two sets (Tiara, Necklace, Earrings) for Wedding Day

Studio Photography
Check !!
* Whether rental of studio is included
* Outdoor Photography (usually 2 locations)
Ask ??
* To see portfolio of photographer(s)
* Whether need to provide transport for photographer(s)
* Cost of additional session if photoshoot is on 2 different days
An album should have at least 20 pieces of photos
Check !!
* Bargain on more photos whenever possible
* The type and size of album
* Whether digital enhancement, layout art is included
Ask ??
* Cost per additional page or photo
* Cost for digital enhancement or layout art
* Whether cost is for one page or one photo
(in case of multiple photos on a page)
* Whether can keep all the sample photos/negatives/softcopies
CD-Rom containing the softcopies of photos selected for the album
Check !!
* Whether softcopies of photos are those after touch up
* Whether softcopies of album layout is given
Portrait size photo with frame
Table top photo

Other things to check or ask ...
Design, Style, Workmanship, Quality of gowns
Validity period for package
Choosing of makeup artist
Choosing of photographer
Photography style
Album type and size
Additional deposits
Period to return gown/coat
Fixed bridal co-ordinator