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Preparation for Photoshoot

Taking your bridal photoshoot is a tiring but fun affair ! Other than renting/buying your gowns and engaging a good photographer and makeup artist, there are some essentials you need to consider and decide before you go for your photoshoot

1. Date and Day: Weekday is preferred as outdoor venue may not be as crowded as on weekend. Alternately, you may consider doing studio photoshoot on one day and outdoor photoshoot on the other. This way, you will look "fresher" for the outdoor photoshoot, but of course you may need to top up for the extra service of the makeup artist and photographer.

2. Outdoor Venue: Did you meet at a significant place ? Where do you usually hang out during the dating days ? Is there a place that give you a special memory ? How about using nature as a backdrop or buildings with unique architecture ?

3. Casual Wear: A common trend nowadays ! You can both be dressed in white tops and bottoms, or a pink top for the bride and blue top for the groom. Alternatively, wear a funky top or your own customised t-shirts with your caricature printed.

At Least One Week Before
List of Things to Prepare: Groom
  • A few coloured, long sleeve shirts
  • A few ties
  • A pair of black pants and/or white pants
  • A pair of black formal shoes and black socks (white for Groom wearing a white suit)
  • Cufflinks
  • Dye or trim hair
  • Do facial care
  • Extra pair of frame (without lens) if need
  • Send Wedding Bands for polishing
List of Things to Prepare: Bride
  • Shoes to match actual wedding gown, evening gown, outdoor gown and/or traditional chinese costume
  • Fitting of Gowns and alteration if required
  • Do facial care
  • A pair of skin-colour stockings, just in case
  • Order Bridal Bouquet if not provided by bridal studio or makeup artist
  • Dye or trim hair

One Day Before
  • Check above items all prepared
  • Buy fresh flowers (baby's breath, caspier, freesia, roses etc) to be used as hair accessories if you want
  • Ensure delivery of Bridal Bouquet
  • Prepare casual wear if interested
  • Remove unsightly facial or body hair
  • Go for manicure and pedicure
  • Wash hair and make sure hair is dry before sleeping
  • Do not apply any hair cream/gel/mousse
  • Sleep early

In the Morning of Photoshoot
  • Do not wash hair or apply any hair cream/gel/mousse on hair
  • Have a good breakfast
  • Bring Wedding Bands, Bridal Bouquet, fresh flowers for hair
  • Bring all required clothings
  • Bring any special accessories that you want to wear
  • Bride to wear a spaghetti top, a tube top, a top with front buttons or bring along a bathrobe
  • Bring any meaningful toys or items that you want to take photos with

Viola, and you are off to enjoy your photoshoot !


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