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Types of Gown Fabrics

The fabric of the wedding gown plays an significant part in achieving that perfect look. Here listed are some of the popular choices when selecting the fabric for a gown. The photos are for reference only, as when it comes to choosing the fabric, one would also need to feel it and see the overall design of the gown.

It is lightweight, sheer, and transparent. As it is very soft and limp. It is most suitable for soft and flowy styles.

Duchesse Satin
A widely popular choice for bridal gowns. It has a smooth surface with a sheen. Fiber content may be silk, polyester, acetate, or rayon. It is full-bodied and has a heavy hand. It is suitable for fuller skirt bodice or A-line skirts.

It is like chiffon but with a crepe-like finish and less sheer, and has a heavier feel than chiffon. Drapes well and is suitable for soft styles too. Wears well.

Comes in many types, like French laces, European laces, Alencon laces, Lyon laces, Chantilly laces, etc. There is also the all-over lace, appliques, trims, etc.

A crisp, sheer, transparent and lightweight fabric. Made of silk, nylon, or polyester. Commonly used as layers or frills on duchesse satin bridal gowns in some designs.

Comes in very shiny surfaces, to the more subdued sheen. Unlike duchess satin with a stiffer feel, satin is soft and drapes well. Suitable for slim silhouette styles, and designs that requires draping characteristics. Comes in various forms and weights.

Shuntung Silk
Fabric has a textured effect, like thicker threads along the surface. It is also available in 2 surfaces. The other side has a shiny satin finish.

Silk Taffeta
Fabric has a subtle sheen that has a characteristic rustle with movement. Has a stiff feel.

Thai Silk
A smooth shiny hand-woven silk with a stiff feel.

Tulle & English nettings
A fine hexagonal mesh fabric. Comes in various softness. It is also used for ballet costumes and wedding veils.