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30 Sep 09, 22:15
zinc & angelz: The groom & bride usually sit with the groom's side at 主家席. Some may arrange the parents of both sides to sit at the same table with the groom & bride. Or arrange a bigger table to accomodate.
30 Sep 09, 21:34
Jo: Anyone can help with the differentiating 主家席 and 亲家席? I heard 主家席 is for groom's family while 亲家席 is for bride's family. Where will the groom & bride sit then? Kinda confused. Thanks!
30 Sep 09, 21:23
SL: your website's really informative! Thanks for setting it up!
30 Sep 09, 08:52
zinc & angelz: I believe there is still 1 or 2 reserved tables? If ur side needs 11 tables (incl VIP table) check if groom side can budget in for u, else, ur side can always pay for the extra table. Be happy!
30 Sep 09, 06:49
Regina Ng: Hi, Thanks for replying. My parents say dont tell them. Forget it. My AD in Nov. Is it too late to say? Will the groom side think like y dont say earlier, till now then say?
29 Sep 09, 09:39
zinc & angelz: Hi Regina, in order to avoid misunderstanding, it's better to let your husband know so that he could communicate to his parents.
29 Sep 09, 07:10
Regina Ng: My parents said its understood that 10 tables does not include the VIP table & that the VIP tables are automatically given by the Groom's side. Haiz...
29 Sep 09, 07:09
Regina Ng: Hi, can anyone tell me, when the bride's parents ask for 10 tables, is it understood that it is not inclusive of the VIP table to the Groom's side relatives?
17 Sep 09, 08:33
zinc & angelz: Hi vicky, check out our list of "Wedding Stationery & Favours"
16 Sep 09, 17:28
vicky: hi, any idea where can i get a nice feather pen?
15 Sep 09, 09:35
zinc & angelz: Hi ice_mist, have you tried looking for them at Art Friend or Spotlight ?
14 Sep 09, 22:48
ice_mist: Hi, any idea where can i find unity sand & its containers for unity sand ceremony?
5 Sep 09, 20:59
Catherine Phua: okok, thks for the info.
5 Sep 09, 20:40
angelz & zinc: Hi Catherine, it is not necessary. Do check with both parents for their preferred arrangement.
5 Sep 09, 20:39
angelz & zinc: Hi all, for wedding dinner emcee script, pls refer to "Emceeing your Wedding" under General Topic. You can modify for ROM. ROM script may be made simpler and not so formal.
5 Sep 09, 18:12
Catherine Phua: hi there. juz like to check that during the wedding dinner, is it that both party's parents to sit on the same table?
5 Sep 09, 16:54
PS: can someone with the emcee script also send it to me... i need one too... bouncy_tiggr@hotmail.com
4 Sep 09, 16:45
Kelly: Hi, me and my bf will be having our ROM in two weeks time, but i haven found the emcee script for my frens yet. Do you have the emcee script for solemnisation ceremony?Pls send to klsw1980@hotmail.com
2 Sep 09, 23:36
angelz & zinc: belle - look under For Her - ROM gowns and dresses
2 Sep 09, 22:33
belle: some the shop listed for dress is already no longer there is it? I cant find it at all.
Dianna: anybody have a list of who we need to give angbao to, and usually how much to give?
31 Aug 09, 17:55
zinc: Hi joanne, I have attended a wedding banquet there, the food is quite good. I remembered the bridal suite is a bit small but comes with an outdoor jacuzzi, you may check.
31 Aug 09, 17:03
joanne: Hi, any idea how's the food at this hotel Grand Park City Hall.
24 Aug 09, 22:51
zinc: Hi Andy & Dianna, I think it's rather common now. Otherwise if u had planned the sequence of tea ceremony, have ur helper just quickly indicate 1, 2, 3 accordingly.
24 Aug 09, 21:13
Andy & Dianna: 1600++ for 0.38carat
24 Aug 09, 20:38
sean: how much ?
24 Aug 09, 20:07
Andy & Dianna: I bought soo kee for my wife from Soo Kee, i think is worth it... u can go take a look
24 Aug 09, 20:00
sean: i need to get a proposal ring, where can i find a ok-ok one?
24 Aug 09, 19:54
Andy & Dianna: is like so obvious wrinting thier name down. not very nice right?
24 Aug 09, 19:39
zinc: For tea ceremony, arrange someone from the family to collect the ang pow which you pass to him/her after each tea, so that he/she can note down the name.
24 Aug 09, 19:38
zinc: Andy & Dianna, if it's the banquet ang pow, u may ask ur helpers to request the guests to write down their names.
24 Aug 09, 19:15
Andy & Dianna: hong bao that receive on AD
24 Aug 09, 18:31
wit: Andy&Dianna, you mean to note down on the hongbao you are going to give or receive?
23 Aug 09, 00:33
zinc: Hi Andy & Dianna, not quite sure what u mean by code on hongbao ??
22 Aug 09, 21:38
Andy & Dianna: Is there anyone have an idea on how to note down code on the hong bao during the AD!!
17 Aug 09, 16:46
Shan: cartoon animation is abt $1200...coffee & tea has good animations
14 Aug 09, 11:33
jerlicious: Coffe & Tea has.. Now gt promo till 31st Aug ends..
14 Aug 09, 11:21
veron: Hi, anyone know wher to make cartoon animation? & roughly hw much is cost?
13 Aug 09, 10:21
zinc: I think shd be [Parents name] request the pleasure company of [guest], becoz as traditional usually the parents do the inviting.
12 Aug 09, 19:12
cherrie: After that it mention "the marriage of _ & _".. so i supposed the 1st blanks are not for our names? Pls help! Thanks!
12 Aug 09, 19:12
cherrie: Hi, i hope u r able to help me. I hv a problem wif ROM invitation cards tat i bought off shelf. What to write at the blanks before "request the pleasure company of"?
11 Aug 09, 10:48
Pearl: Hi, I need to MTM dresses for my 6 bridesmaids. Any recommendations on affordable and good workmanship? Thanks!
5 Aug 09, 12:02
ying: hi angelz and zine. thank you for the prompt response. I shall check out windows movie maker. if you got any other free software to intro , please let me know. THank you!!
5 Aug 09, 09:31
angelz & zinc: Hi ying, you can use Windows Movie Maker or similar video maker programs
4 Aug 09, 11:38
ying: hey zinc can i check if you know of any prgms to do diy montage apart from the boring powerpt.
4 Aug 09, 00:01
Joelle: wow..ok..thanks for the info! i'll check them out..
31 Jul 09, 09:05
angelz & zinc: Hi Joelle! Yes they do have packages catering for solemnization but you need to check if they can also include photoshoot in the package becoz they usu just cover ur attire,make up and hair.
31 Jul 09, 04:01
Joelle: Hi, ur blog is really an eye-opener to me! just to check with you, does most BS provide solemnization packages for photoshoot on actual day + rental attire + make-up&hair styling?
29 Jul 09, 14:56
ying: ohh zinc! thank you so much!!
22 Jul 09, 16:33
zinc: you may need to pay for design cost if you only provide a draft drawing, or if using embossed deisgn, the mould charge.
22 Jul 09, 16:32
zinc: hi ying, we recommend that you meet up with the printing company to discuss the type of paper to use, the size and what kind of printing (embossed, direct etc)
22 Jul 09, 15:43
ying: on papers? or can i jus tell the printnig company what design i want and they print for me?
22 Jul 09, 15:43
ying: hi babe, if let say i decide to do my own wedding card and i have my own drawing already. how do i go ahed to proceed it? is the printing shop able to help me do it on the card based on drawings
22 Jul 09, 11:55
jerlicious: alrity~ Tks! ^^
22 Jul 09, 10:30
angelz & zinc: for a change in the dishes. But it wld be advisable for u to check with ur co-ordinator first as hotels have different terms and conditions.
22 Jul 09, 10:27
angelz & zinc: Hi jerlicious! It wld be better to check with the hotel co-ordinator as they know better abt the menu. Anyway there's always the food tasting session for u to det if u want that menu or request
22 Jul 09, 01:07
jerlicious: Btw, I may be holding my wedding next year at Goodwood Park~ Can I check with u, which of e food menu is the more popular n nicer ones? Tks!
21 Jul 09, 23:43
zinc & angelz: hi jerlicious! thanks for visiting ! We're glad that you find our website useful ! Keep browsing !
21 Jul 09, 12:10
jerlicious: Ur blog has been a great help~ Keep up e good wrk! ^^
13 Jul 09, 08:36
zinc & angelz: Hi wishes, thanks for visiting ! Sorry we will not be able to list top 10 as the choice of bridal shops is very dependant on personal preference. However you may check out BS listing below.
12 Jul 09, 22:35
wishes: Hi, are you able to list the top 10 bridal shop in Singapore? Hope that can be posted here =) Thanks!
6 Jul 09, 14:16
zinc & angelz: Hi evelyna, thanks we hav updated to Bridal Packages - The Essentials. We don't think it's a commom practice to pass raw selected photos to couples. U may want to check out bridal forum.
5 Jul 09, 21:51
evelyna: Perhaps this can be included as one of the checklist item, to confirm with the bridal studio that CD return of selected poses are touch-up version or raw. In this way, BTB may benefit from this.
5 Jul 09, 21:48
evelyna: Thanks for advice! Was told I should expect raw selected poses.. perhaps it's because I didn't top up many so they are not willing to give me touch up selected poses.
5 Jul 09, 16:55
angelz and zinc: Hi evelyna, norm is to include the touched up photos in the cd, since they will touch up the photos for the album, no point, giving you the raw, unless it's those unselected ones.
4 Jul 09, 22:37
evelyna: Hi angelz & zinc, do you know if the norm is to expect selected poses after touch up (after edting with photshop) in CD or without touch up? Thanks!
22 Jun 09, 09:44
angelz and zinc: do a comparison. Of coz, if you want ease of convenience, you could just take up the package.
22 Jun 09, 09:43
angelz and zinc: Hi erin, you could go to the BS and request for a quotation b4 u decide. Plan on what u need first and look thro the list that the BS provides. Then u can try to source for the items separately and
21 Jun 09, 23:00
erin: hi ! i've geting ROm-ed in sept.. will it be cheaper if i singed up for ROM package in BS ( if they havE) ..or get everything separately is better?
19 Jun 09, 19:59
Regine Ng: Hi Zine,thanks. I'll convey the msg to my friend.Don think she has credit card so think the instalment idea is out le.
19 Jun 09, 01:20
zinc: after tt, the divided amt will be charged to your credit card monthly. usually PG quoted high price, so u hav 2 decide do u really need those photos & how much u willing to spend.
19 Jun 09, 01:18
zinc: for cc insalment, the signing company will let u know how much to pay per mth. so need to confirm they dun include any interest when the sum is divided by 12 or 24 mth, then it's 0%
18 Jun 09, 19:22
Regine Ng: he is not willing to barge. My friend is pretty sad bout this. on one hand they wan the photo but on the other hand, don have so much $$$.Is paying by credit card on instalment really 0%?
18 Jun 09, 19:21
Regine Ng: Hmmm... thanks ppl for replying. I have a friend who was in the same bridal shop but diff photographer. The PG quoted a price or bout $2k with all those proof give back. They ask for a bargain, but
18 Jun 09, 11:35
zinc: also heard from some pple that you may "communicate" with the photographer (w/o bs knowing) to buy the photos, perhaps at lower rates. Not too sure if this is workable.
18 Jun 09, 11:34
zinc: understand that if the couple chose a lot of photos to be included in the album, the bs usually let you keep all other unselected copies. otherwise, rates will depends on bs
17 Jun 09, 22:38
Jocelyn: the bridal shop return all my unselected photo after I add additional photo in my album..you may try to ask them give you too if you add things to your package
17 Jun 09, 20:34
Regine Ng: Hi, does anyone know what is the market price to pay for those unselected wedding photos in softcopy?
15 Jun 09, 23:29
Pink: ekmk, that sounds so ridiculous. You should get the bridal shop to compensate you for your time and energy. SInce there is no turning back, you have to grab this opportunity to ask for more freebies.
12 Jun 09, 23:16
ekmk: Hi. has anyone done re-shooting of wedding photos because the bridal shop/photographer's computer got virus? Any comments?
9 Jun 09, 14:06
zinc & angelz: as for giving a gift to parents or in law, it's up to you and your husband. You may choose to present the gifts during tea ceremony or at the wedding banquet.
8 Jun 09, 15:27
zinc & angelz: it depends on how you wnat to express your token, you could simply present them with handwritten notes of thanks, or perhaps treat them to a buffet after your wedding !
8 Jun 09, 15:26
zinc & angelz: hi Sharon, most of the brides we knew bought/sponsored the bridesmaid dresses. You may prefer to give them ang pow, little accessories like earrings, bracelets, HP charms or bouquets etc
8 Jun 09, 15:23
zinc & angelz: Hi K', Thanks for your suggestion, will put it in soon.
8 Jun 09, 10:13
sharon: hi, what to get for my Jie Meis as a token of appreciation? also, do i have to give smth to my in laws too? pls advice, thanx
6 Jun 09, 12:40
K': Hi good emcee speech u got there. I'm wondering if you have the meaning of the champagne pouring in chinese? eg 香槟=相敬如宾 etc. makes the speech complete.
2 Jun 09, 08:32
zinc & angelz: Hi jess, thanks for your answer's to Evelyn's query !! From what we know, only 1 fan is needed.
2 Jun 09, 00:19
jess: the fan must throw off when u in the car when leaving ur house(throw outside the car and dun turn back to see.. just drop outside)
2 Jun 09, 00:17
jess: i nt sure why needed 2 but the fans are meant actually meant to "fan" away ur bad habits, attitude and etc before u enter ur husband's house...
28 May 09, 22:30
Evelyn: Hi there, would you know what the fans are used for on wedding day and why is there a need for 2? Thanks loads!
25 May 09, 21:10
zinc & angelz: hi ying, no problem !! feel free to reference !!
25 May 09, 16:45
ying: that fast!! thxs!
19 May 09, 17:02
zinc & angelz: we'll put it up soon !
19 May 09, 16:53
ying: hi there, do you have emcee speeches to share?
9 May 09, 02:29
angelz & zinc: Hi Jack, you may want to clear your browsing history. It could an error link we made previously, but we have corrected it.
9 May 09, 01:21
Jack: Hi, thanks for the link. It's actually on quite a no. of pages. The link shown is http://www.woyaojiehunle.blogspot.com/2008/03/2008/03/guide-for-actual-day-schedule.html
6 May 09, 13:51
angelz & zinc: Can u let us know exactly where u clicked on? This is the page url http://www.woyaojiehunle.blogspot.com/2008/03/guide-for-actual-day-schedule.html
6 May 09, 13:19
Jack: Hi, still the same.. Page not foundSorry, the page you were looking for in the blog Wo Yao Jie Hun Le does not exist.
6 May 09, 08:48
angelz & zinc: Hi Jack, there seems to be no issue with the link when we tried on our end. Maybe u can try again and let us know?
6 May 09, 08:33
Jack: Hi Angel&Zinc, Is the guide for actual day schedule available? The link seems to be down. Thanks!
5 May 09, 11:20
Sandra: hi erin why not try JP Phang. He's my solomiser. He's a very nice guy. He did a good job in my ROM.
2 May 09, 22:24
erin/martin: yup..hot date hahaz
28 Apr 09, 22:24
angelz & zinc: U can give the JP a token of appreciation in the form of an ang pow for transport costs and also for the JP's services rendered for your special day.
28 Apr 09, 22:23
angelz & zinc: Hi erin/martin, Is your ROM date a "hot" date? You can try to find other JPs, there's a list you can find from the ROM website. It's not necc for u to get a JP who is close to ur venue.
27 Apr 09, 22:12
erin/martin: hi zinc/angelz... i'm currently still finding solemniser for our ROM in sept..but every1 we asked , they are not free! so sad =( .. we shd contact those JOPs near our ROM venue ?
26 Apr 09, 23:47
dolphine: you are welcome, ducky
26 Apr 09, 22:47
ducky: btw, i'm also considering "my seceret garden". anyone had their ROM at "my secret garden"? any feedback/comment on them?
26 Apr 09, 22:46
ducky: thank dolphine! i had email them already
26 Apr 09, 19:34
dolphine: Ducky: U may email to info@pscafe.sg.
26 Apr 09, 14:55
ducky: hi, anyone knw whether PS Cafe @ Harding can hold solemnization ceremony?
20 Apr 09, 13:41
zinc & angelz: hi jj, you may want to consider holding your rom at your own home which would made the affair more meaningful, otherwise, a chalet would be reasonable too !
19 Apr 09, 16:06
jj: hi, i would like to check with u other then those places u have mention here, any more place n have nice view n is cheaper in rate for rom
16 Apr 09, 17:54
zinc & angelz: hi daisy, some free favors may not be useful. You can also DIY or source for cheaper yet meaningful favors !!
16 Apr 09, 17:29
daisy: for family & relatives & as a gathering...we want just a church wedding for everyone & a dinner gathering for family& relatives thanks for getting back this web has been very helpful! thanks!
16 Apr 09, 17:28
daisy: yeah, thanks! i realised bcoz is below the minimum table requirement, they're usually not very willing to throw in much wedding favours for us... is alright, coz the dinner was jus
15 Apr 09, 22:09
angelz & zinc: Of coz U can try to negotiate with them about the requests. Do shortlist and call up those restaurants so u can do a comparison on their packages. Happy Searching!
15 Apr 09, 22:07
angelz & zinc: Hi Daisy - I think its best that you call up and speak with the co-ordinators and check with them about your requests becoz diff restaurants offer diff packages.
15 Apr 09, 14:30
zinc & angelz: Hi ferlyn, check out the Listing - Wedding Stationery & Favours for a list of shops selling bridal accessories ! Otherwise you can always DIY your own guestbooks !!
15 Apr 09, 01:20
ferlyn: hi jujs wondering whether u gld noe where can get nice n unique guestbook?? thanks..
15 Apr 09, 00:40
daisy: give complimentary carparks, drinks, wedding favours?? need advice so that i know how to approach the staff...thanks
15 Apr 09, 00:39
daisy: hi! i'm not planning for a large scale wedding banquet, jus a small one (6 to 8 tables) for family & closer relatives...for such small scale banquet, will the restaurant (reputable ones like tungluk)
14 Apr 09, 08:55
zinc & angelz: You can also surf the internet for spa package for wedding couples, or take out promotion spa treatment that credit cards may offer.
14 Apr 09, 08:53
zinc & angelz: Hi Shanice, We've not tried out many spa places but u may check out spa treatments at e Sentosa resorts or The Retreat @ Changi Village Hotel.
13 Apr 09, 17:51
Shanice: Hi there, I'm looking for a good spa to relax myself before the big day. Do you know of any that is affordable?
7 Apr 09, 17:41
D'sire Fan: Ok thanks.. I gathered too.. do you have any recommendations for bridal shops with similiar style?
7 Apr 09, 10:39
angelz & zinc: Hi D'sire Fan - D'sire seems to have ceased their operations. Maybe you could try looking for another BS?
6 Apr 09, 14:28
D'sire Fan: I need some help to find this wedding boutique D'sire @ race course road.. I tried calling them the phone number is no longer in use and I went down the shop, its closed..
2 Apr 09, 19:44
Ping: and they are like a walking discount card, get many perks and always there for me. Getting ready to be married next week!!! =D
2 Apr 09, 19:43
Ping: Heya all! I'm getting married in April and I got all my stuff settled by Indulgz Weddings! Got to tell you all about my planner Christin and they charge very reasonable prices
1 Apr 09, 23:14
angelz & zinc: Hi Liping. Pls refer to our post on Modern Twist to notable 过大礼 customs.Hope it helps!
1 Apr 09, 16:27
Liping: Any lobangs for traditional wedding biscuits/cakes?
27 Mar 09, 09:33
zinc & angelz: Hi sheyanne, We want to thank you too !!
24 Mar 09, 09:40
sheyanne: wow! the photos are nice with the sunset and all! really nice! Great effort put in for your website! Thanks so much!
23 Mar 09, 22:33
Blue coral: Anyone has any good recommendations on online Fengshui to calculate wedding dates?
22 Mar 09, 02:34
Gigi: I am looking for good wedding date to get married in 2010. A friend recommended a site. Anyone tried the service of goodweddingdate.com?
18 Mar 09, 17:07
zinc & angelz: Hi connie, you may refer to our topic "Photographers / Videographers" for the list.
18 Mar 09, 14:02
connie: hi, I would like recommend AMPM photography for ROM/AD
17 Mar 09, 21:39
zinc & angelz: Hi cindy, how about having the tea ceremony at your house or bridal suite ?
17 Mar 09, 21:36
zinc & angelz: Hi Claudia, do check out our topic "Wedding Stationery & Favours" !
17 Mar 09, 15:07
Claudia: I need some help on finding wedding suppliers!!! I been trying to look around online but most of the pretty ones are in US? Does Singapore have any wedding suppliers?? Please help
17 Mar 09, 11:44
cindy: cos my hotel, Goodwood Park doesn't have a private airconditioned place which we could do in the morning.
17 Mar 09, 11:44
cindy: sorry..i meant for tea ceremony...
17 Mar 09, 11:43
cindy: I am looking for a very cheap place for solemnisation. any recommendation?
16 Mar 09, 08:56
zinc & angelz: Hi Trina, you can try Sheraton Towers Hotel or Jurong Bird Park. Check out the topic on Alternative Solemnisation Venues
16 Mar 09, 02:58
Trina: I would like to have my Solemnisation near a waterfall or a poolside. any recommandation ?
13 Mar 09, 11:54
zinc & angelz: Hi jess, like we mentioned at Wedding Taboos, It will be best to check with your elders if they have any issues on this.If you personally don't mind and ur elders are ok with it, why not?
13 Mar 09, 10:55
jess: jus to check if it is rom for me can i attend my frend wedding in may ?
11 Mar 09, 08:59
zinc & angelz: Hi KC, Clubs have diff rules and regulations abt organizing such events at their premises. It will be good for you to call up the clubs you are interested in and check with them.
11 Mar 09, 01:18
KC: Hi, if I wanna do my solemnisation at one of the clubs as mentioned in your website, do I need to be the club member or it is open to public?
10 Mar 09, 16:33
zinc & angelz: Hi sheyanne, check out the topic "Choosing a Necklace", you can go for collar or choker length necklace.
10 Mar 09, 14:08
sheyanne: Opps.. sorry, click on enter too fast. I am now thinking what kind of necklace i should get for my ROM cause i'll be wearing a tube dress. Any suggestions?
10 Mar 09, 08:47
zinc & angelz: Hi Kero, avoid attending weddings within 1 or 3 mths of your own is purely a custom passed down fr long time ago. It's really up to you to decide. If need to, do check with the elders for opinions
9 Mar 09, 23:36
Kero: Hi, sorry another query, if my fren just give birth to a baby, can she still attend? wat i heard is that she can only attend a wedding after the baby is 3months old..
9 Mar 09, 23:35
Kero: Hi, my gd fren wedding is 2months after me.. can i attend? wat i heard is b4 after 3months should not attend. Kindly advise
8 Mar 09, 22:13
angelz & zinc: Hi erin/martin. We think it's best to check with your parents/grandparents if they have any issues about this.If you personally don't mind and ur elders are ok with it, why not?.
8 Mar 09, 22:11
angelz & zinc: Hi Ling. We are glad that you like our blog and we thank you for your support.
8 Mar 09, 11:36
Ling: Thank You so much for the information. Very informative blog. =D
7 Mar 09, 23:58
zinc & angelz: Hi Jo, to avoid cluttering, you may want to consider doing w/o a necklace and opt for a glamourous earrings with a up hairdo instead !
7 Mar 09, 23:01
Jo: Hi, my wedding gown is halterneck type. What type of necklace should i go for?
7 Mar 09, 21:38
erin/martin: i wanted to go to my frend's wedding dinner..but its 1 day after my ROM day...i think we cant go rite? scared pandang
6 Mar 09, 21:29
zinc & angelz: Hi sheyanne, great to hear that !! if u're holding ur ROM outside ROMM, u do hav a choice to use ur own vow.U may also want to meet ur JP a few days b4 ROM day to discuss wat u hav in mind.
6 Mar 09, 15:09
sheyanne: Hihi! I am so glad cause i checked with the elders and they said we can go attend my bestie's wedding. =) btw, do you know if we can come up with our own chinese vows?
2 Mar 09, 16:01
angelz & zinc: Hi Sharon, it's a public area, as long as you do not stop for too long and do not go into the restricted area. Have fun !!
2 Mar 09, 13:30
sharon: thanx, do we need to get any permits for gg to east perimeter road?
2 Mar 09, 13:03
angelz & zinc: Hi Sharon, u can check w ur photographer, they usually know where 2 go. E Perimeter Rd is along Changi Coast Rd, parallel to Airport Runway. Use http://maps.google.com to search
2 Mar 09, 12:12
angelz & zinc: Hi Jerlynn & Lance - Usu there are no guidelines. It depends on what you can afford to give and serves as a token of appreciation for them.
1 Mar 09, 21:29
Jerlynn & Lance: hi, will you have a rough guide as to how much to pack in ang pows for younger ones during tea ceremony, as well as those for sisters, brothers, helpers, etc? thanks!
1 Mar 09, 21:00
sharon: also, we tried east perimeter road as per in this website,but couldnt locate it. advice pls, thanx
1 Mar 09, 20:58
sharon: hi, can i know where can i find the location for outdoor shoot?im looking at areas with lalang. mine is 2wks from now
28 Feb 09, 11:14
zinc & angelz: emcee 2 thank guests 4 coming, give a short intro of how u two met (if time permits) followed by (eg) "We'll now welcome XX & YY into the room for the solemnisation ceremony." Play music, march in
28 Feb 09, 11:11
zinc & angelz: hi jing, of coz u can do a march-in. Discuss this w ur co-ordinator & he/she'll b able 2 help. Get ur helpers 2 get the guests seaten in e room b4 e ceremony.
28 Feb 09, 04:44
jing: if i can march in with my bf. any suggestion what should the emcee annouce us as to enter in ?
28 Feb 09, 04:44
jing: can i march in with my ftb? or cannot? if cannot then hw to get started for the cerenmony
28 Feb 09, 04:42
jing: hi...need to seek some advise. i be having my rom in a hotel this year and ad in 2010.
25 Feb 09, 12:02
erin/martin: ok!! noted !! thks so much!
24 Feb 09, 21:41
Sharolin: Thank you!! Your blog is indeed helpfull!
24 Feb 09, 15:11
jacasser: Thanks!
24 Feb 09, 12:26
angelz & zinc: Hi erin/martin, you may want persuade them to just put down the date 1st & then say you will contact them when nearer e date. Meanwhile, ask around for any referrer solemniser from friends.


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