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Founded in April 2008, WoYaoJieHunLe caters specially for couples who need information and resources when planning for their perfect wedding. Scroll down or look to the right panel for a comprehensive list of wedding resources and guides that you should read when preparing for your wedding!


Preparing for a wedding requires lots of planning, co-ordination and effort. If you are just starting to prepare or stuck mid way through your preparations and desperately need help, why not turn to someone who can help out and be around to guide you along the process? Save the hassle of searching for your venue, bridal studio, florist and the tonnes of preparations required and leave it in the good hands of Indulgz Weddings where you get the reassurance of having a well planned wedding!

Christin, the wedding specialist, from Indulzg Weddings has been in the weddings industry for quite a while and with her amiable personality and contacts, you can rest assure that Indulgz Weddings is the place to turn to for affordable packages and a hassle free wedding. With her passion in helping couples get through the wedding preparations, Indulgz Weddings will be involved in every part of the preparations. From the setting of the budget to the flower arrangements and also ensuring that your wedding runs well on the actual day. They will be there to support you and guide you along the wedding preparation process. Just tell them what you want and your budget and they will find ways to work around your budget to fulfil that dream wedding of yours.

With her wealth of experience ,professionalism, ideas and passion to help would make you feel assured that your wedding is in safe hands. With a passion to deliver, you can rely on Christin to get things done.

Contact Christin at weddings@indulgz.com for a complimentary first time consulation.

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