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Computerized Guest Registration System

Ming Siong Elegant Wedding Reception provides Computerized Guest Registration System for your wedding reception.

Singapore wedding dinners seldom start on-time. All your wedding guests are likely to arrive just before the commencement of your Singapore wedding dinner. The crowd at the wedding reception counter is often overwhelming at the last minute using the traditional paper guest lists.

With our computerized Singapore wedding guest registration system, the hassle of cross-referencing wedding guests and re-allocating seats to them are easily managed with the click of a mouse. All your wedding guests are showed their seats within the wedding hall via our computerized reception for weddings, Singapore.

Even with unexpected wedding guests, you can ensure all tables are filled up 100%. No need to open additional tables and incur costs. Don't be saddled with paying for 5 extra tables with only 6 wedding guests each. Our computerized Singapore wedding reception offers cost savings, efficient wedding guest registration and an elegant ambience for your Singapore wedding.