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Four Seasons Hotel

An update on Four Seasons Hotel

Its actually quite grand looking. Nice and cosy but its only enough for 30 tables which is the maximum tables they can place.

Although its located in Orchard, its still a bit off the orchard area because its hidden behind Wheellock Place. I have not been there before and it took me some time to find the hotel. Mainly because its not among the stretch of shopping areas in Orchard. But its still not that difficult to locate if you are given the directions beforehand.

The only bad thing about the ballroom is that you have to do a little adjustment for the march in because its not straight to the stage. The main door is a bit off the main path and you really have to march in slow because the aisle is not that long either. There's only one projector but given the shape and size of the ballroom , everyone would be able to see the screen which is great.

Reception Area
There is a private reception area for cocktails. Away from the other ballrooms. A piano is provided!

Heard that food there is not bad but I have not gone there before for any wedding dinner so can't really comment.



... just zinc ... said...

It looks cosy ... as shown in the second photo, are the 'panels' at the wall all mirrored ?

silverangelz said...

Only one side is mirrored then the other side is windows =)

Anonymous said...

My friend hold the wedding there and I was one of the sisters helping out. I can only say the hotel's management and crew did not do a good job.